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Nov 29, 2005 at 04:08 AM

Points to Posts Ratio - Also, Looks Like You have been Busy


Wow a lot of changes. I like the Posts and points info. Might be fun to do some sort of Points to Posts analysis. Probably would need to exclude anyone with less than some number of posts.

Might indicate quality of a persons answers, or it might just indicate who the squeaky wheels are that always requests posts for an answer. I mean, I like to get points rewarded, but I'm not groveling for them.

Does the Posts count include questions or just responses?

On the Sticky Post issue - seems like there is probably a standard one that explains some etiquette, e.g. search forum before posting a new question, give points, how to watch a thread, etc. More curious about a second sticky post that could be updated by forum participants. Not super clear on what I'm expecting, but it would be nice if members could have some input somehow. Have to give this more thought.

The thread filtering is nice.

One area that needs some better explanation I think, is making sure new particpants understand they can monitor all the topics in a category, rather than just one at a time. I monitor the Business Intelligence category so I can see activity in all 5 topics. A lot of new folks end up posting the same question multiple topics not realizing that many/most of us monitor the entire category (at least in Bus Intel). Maybe this just goes back to the sticky post, which for the basics is really just a link to a How To Participate page that many won't read, but at least with the Sticky Post, they won't have an excuse.

Keep the good stuff coming.....