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Jun 06, 2014 at 10:58 AM

Total Transfer between paralel consolidation groups


Hello Gurus!

We are using SEM-BCS for legal consolidation of our consolidation hierarchy. The hierarchy stands as shown below in 04.2014:











In period 04.2014, we have to make a transfer of one consolidation unit (CU001) from consolidation group CG19 to CG20.

In consolidation group CG19 in 03.2014, company CU001 is hold at 100% by consolidation unit CU018.

In consolidation group CG20 in 04.2014, company CU001 is transferred to this consolidation group, as well as the participation (100% of the shares) from company CU018 to company CU005.

The holding of the hierarchy is CU000 in CG00.

To execute the transfer, we created organizational change company and organizational change number in the master data tab. Afterwards, company CU001 was changed from consolidation group CG19 to CG20. In the company CU001 we set the mark for first consolidation with organizational change and indicated the ID of the organizational change.

After this definitions in the master data tab, we executed the task for consolidation group changes, obtaining the following result:

Balance sheet items were correctly posted in group CG20, as this the destination group of the transfer. But on the other hand, the elimination from the previous consolidation group (CG19) is being wrongly executed, as the elimination is being executed in consolidation group CG00, when this should be posted in CG19.

Could you help us understand what is being wrongly made, for the post being made in CG00 and not in CG19.

Thanks in advanced.