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Jun 06, 2014 at 11:02 AM

IDoc Configuration in SAP PO Netweaver 7.4, single stack (AEX)


  1. The destination XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION with the connection to ECC system maintained in NWA.
  2. In InboundRA following are maintained in the “properties” tab-
    1. MaxThreadCount = 5
    2. Local = true
    3. Gatewayhost= PI_Gateway_Host
    4. GatwwayService= PI_Gateway_Service
  3. The JCO RFC provider is configured and started.
  4. In ECC , SM59 connection made with same program ID as it is in InboundRA
  5. The gatewayhost and gatewayservice is of ECC system (or) PI System. (Not sure on this Please Suggest).
  6. The IDoc is triggered from WE19. The following error appears in SM58

Error 1: Bean IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS not found on.

Error 2: As suggested by many colleagues and blogs we removed the JCO RFC Provider and then we got the “Program ID not registered” error in SM59 connection test.

I tried all the suggestions given in the blog

Please help me out with some suggestions.