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Nov 29, 2005 at 03:08 AM

MiniSAP - SE80 Prompts Error "Printer not suitable for job step..."


Hi all,

I bought an ABAP Objects book. I installed the MiniSAP. When I run SAP GUI and SE80, both with BCUSER and DDIC, it gives me error message "Printer not suitable for job step. Automatic printing not possible."

If I double-click on the message, it does not show the description of the error message, instead it displays an Internet Explorer error message "The page cannot be found."

Furthermore, the same error message, "The Page cannot be found", also appears in the area where the listbox and textbox for selecting Development Class, Program, Function Group, etc. Making these function becomes unavailabale. I cannot see the listbox and textbox in the Object Navigator. The only development class show is "$_TMP_BCUSER" (if I recall correctly). But nothing is in the development class.

How do I solve this problem?

OS: Windows XP Professional

Browser Installed: Internet Explorer and Firefox

Other info: I put incorrect IP Address in the Hosts file while installation was in progress. This created error. I then correct the IP Address in the Hosts file and resume installation. I still encountered error until I restarted my computer and resume installtion. I use IP Address

Thanks in advance.


Goh Tiam Tjai