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Jun 06, 2014 at 05:53 AM

Marketing attribute not assignable with language PL


Hi *,

I have detected a strange behaviour when maintaining "some/special" marketing attributes for BP in logon language PL.

The affected attributes are configured as follows.

Format No. Chars Dec.Places Meas. unit Sing-val

Numeric Format 3 0 % X

The usage for EN/DE is fine but when trying to maintain a value like '30' using logon language PL the below mentioned error occurs. But obviously I don't use intervals etc. Just a single figure.

Attributes with the following settings do not lead to an issue:

Format No. Chars Dec.Places Meas. unit Sing-val

Numeric Format 10 0 X




Possible causes:

Intervals can only be specified if you have set the indicator Intervals

  • You must specify the interval in the form value 1 - value 2 (there must be a
    space both before and after the hyphen). No other character except a hyphen may
    be used to separate the values.

  • A value can contain up to the same number of decimal places as specified in
    the Decimal Places field.

  • The value in the field Number of Chars defines the total number of
    characters, including decimal places (for example: If the number of characters =
    3, and the number of decimal places = 1, then 20.1 is valid, but 300.1 is not

  • You must define the decimal point and the thousand separator according to
    your user settings.


Use the value help, if available, to select a permitted
value. If there is no value help available, check the data type of the marketing

To exclude the possibilty the attribute could be "damaged" I created a new one with same options and got the same language dependend behaviour.

Any ideas?

Kind regards