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Jun 05, 2014 at 04:59 PM

install BODS 4.x 64 bits on solaris X86 system amd64


hello community;

please help me with this issue.😔

i'm trying to install Data services on solaris system x86 64bit core.

i installed oracle client 64 bits on the machine and i can't execute the install of BODS (it return invalid argument error)?

i can not find out what's the matter!!! 😕

here is the error i'm getting from trying to execute ./

./[109]: .: line 110: setup.engine/perl/bin/perl: cannot execute [Invalid argument]

/home/kamel/DS/DATAUNITS/DS41SOL64/setupexe -launchedFromSH

./[159]: /home/kamel/DS/DATAUNITS/DS41SOL64/setupexe: setupexe: cannot execute [Invalid argument]

Finished, return code is 126

P.S: i'm simulating the installation on a virtual machine with 4 processor and 4 g RAM and 50G hard drive.

please help me out 🤯!