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Jun 05, 2014 at 04:51 PM

Error 57 in pt60 No rule under Key $ zW00A****Y *


I am getting EROR 57 during time evaluation pt60.

UNder determine over time.

overtime after 6 consecd. att. days/weeek

processing error

call rule ZW00

STOP: No rule under kay $ZW00A****Y *

Technical error no.57

The other employees in the same subarea and same employee group are processing correctly.

This employee is on 40 hour wor week with 5 working days perweek. He has worked only 5 days

per week.

he is a new hire and this is the first time we are processing him.

we have nevfer seen this error befor.

Please help so that we can evaluate his time and pay him.