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Jun 05, 2014 at 04:08 PM

FIORI Timesheet entry


Hello Friends,

I am working on the FIORI timesheet entry app and I have some queries. In ECC, there are lot of enhancements been done in CAT2. They are -

1. Auto populate remaining time if not entered according to planned working hours. E.g - If emp. enters 6 hours a day for the week and if he has not entered remaining 2 hours, auto populate remaining hours while releasing the timesheet.

2. For specific attendance type, only CC & WBS are allowed and for remaining attendance type only CC are allowed.

3. If emp. didn't enter CC, then enter Home CC from 0315.

4. Auto-populate Overtime & Double time according to hours worked in a day which is more than planned working hours in a day and should be greyed out (Non-editable).

Is this a possibility to do it in FIORI app.



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