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Jun 05, 2014 at 11:29 AM

How to create a new record using ODataModel?



I am new to UI5 and so ODataModel. I have tied one table to an ODataModel.

How would I send request to a server so that I will have a new entry created at server end?

I googled this and I tried following:

1. Called createEntry method on ODataModel as follows:











2. I called then submitChanges method on the model as follows:


This is giving error as follows:

  1. POST 403 (Forbidden) datajs.js:17
  2. 2014-06-05 16:53:32 The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed403,Forbidden,CSRF token validation failed -

When I try to use ajax call instead of these methods, I get error as follows:

var obj={

"Childbp": "C5192081",

"ChildbpName": "Supriya Kale",

"DeUser": "C5192081",

"Id": "8",

"Parentbp": "I0656568",

"ParentbpName": "",

"RelationType": "RESOURCE MANAGER",

"SeqNo": "1",








type: "PUT",

dataType: "json",

url: "",

data: JSON.stringify(obj)

}).success(function( msg ) {

alert('HI read operation complete....................................');


alert("error occurred");


  1. I get following error:

  2. PUT 403 (Forbidden)

Can anyone tell me if I am going wrong in calling methods? Help would be appreciated.


Supriya Kale