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Jun 05, 2014 at 10:26 AM

Planned Order Transfer from APO to R/3


Hi team,

The planned orders are created in APO after heuristics run. Then the planned orders are transferred to R/3. After receveing the planned order from APO to R/3, i am converting the planned order to production order in R/3.

I have a below scenario. Assume that, i have the demand of 10 qty (Planned Independent Requirements-PIR) & the planned order is generated with quantity 10 to cover the PIR. I have converted the entire planned order quantity 10 as production order. Now the production order qty is 10 in R/3. Now i have reduced the production order qty as 8 in R/3. Then if the heuristics is executed in APO again, will i get another planned order with quantity 2 to balance the reduced qty in R/3 (10 - 8 = 2)?