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Jun 05, 2014 at 10:22 AM

Data not moving to MDM tables from Import Exception


Hi All,

There is an issue in our SAP MDM system, as explained below:

A user pointed out that some of the data he updated in one table is not syndicated to another table as should happen in normal case. We checked inboud exception ports and there were files in ImportX exception folders. When we browsed the files it was the same data that was missing.

So we asked the basis team to move the files to ready folder. After this procedure the files did not move to exception again, but data was also not updated in the destination table.

Earlier too files used to go to Import exception but the data was populated properly and no such issue was reported.

What should be done in this case case to resolve the issue - should it be sent again?

How to find out the root cause for this issue?

We have checked the ports and they are working fine, there's no data stuck in ready folder. Even after this files more files came to exception folder but the data got updated.