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Jun 05, 2014 at 09:02 AM

Z table fields issue


Hi all,

I have added a view for z table update in opportunity. It is like one assignment block .

Here I have 2 amount fields like Cost1 and Cost2 , when we enter the data into these 2 fields , I am calculating the margin data into 3rd field 'MARGIN'.

Cost1 - cost2 = Margin

200 - 100 = 100.

Now issue is, when I enter the data Cost1 and Cost2, with out pressing ENTER key, Margin value is not updating when we click directly on SAVE button ( working when user click on ENTER) .

Please help me in this ? Do need to refresh the view when we click on SAVE button .

Note : I have added Z table as assignment block.

Already i tried the PUBLISH_CURRENT method etc...