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Jun 05, 2014 at 07:13 AM

Delta Block R for invoice


Hi All,

The user wants to know why for a particular line item in invoice, there is price varinace "X"(Blocked) because of which the invoice is showing Payment Block "R"(Delta Price Block). I have checked and found that for the two materials in PO, there is a price differece in GR and Invoice as follows.

Header 1 Value at the time of GR Invoice Value Price Variance Block Material 1 0.40 EUR 1621.58 EUR X Material 2 0.13 EUR 590.23 EUR

Here, I have checked that the net price in PO has been changed after posting the GR. That is why the value is very less in GR.

I have checked the Tolerance limit in OMR6.The Upper Limit it is set for Value as 30.00 and for Percentage as10%(for Price variance).

If this was the case, the blocking should happen for both the materials, right? Here, the price variance block was only for Material 1.

Please suggest.