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Jun 04, 2014 at 08:28 PM

Complex Table Search - using "Contains"



When using a complex table search control to select one value from a complex table, there is a lack of a “contains” search. The user is only able to search the fields (related to the selected index) using a “begins with” search. Now, I’m looking for a workaround …
But the contains search is working in a List Tile View, so one idea would be to create a new screen where I dynamically create a collection of objects (each complex table line will be one object) and use the List Tile View. But, as we have about 5000-10000 entries in our complex table, I’m not sure if the List Tile View can handle so many objects and then search within?

Do you have other ideas to search within a complex table with “contains” to get a value?

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