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Jun 04, 2014 at 07:20 PM

Gateway user maintenance for FIORI app


We are currently in the process of implementing FIORI and are working into the user creation on the Gateway. We do not want to turn on AE because we do not want it to be visible to users. From our analysis, there does not seem to be a standard process. We are going to develop a new auto role maintenance process. We want only the relevant tiles to display based on the user's role(s).

We came across this Note:


Note 1868136 - Adding tiles to Fiori Launch Pages without PFCG


This note describes a way, how the set of tiles enabled for a specific user by implementing a BAdI.

In this BAdI implementation you change the list of catalog provider nodes extracted from the

standard menu tree based on the current set of roles assigned to the user. You can remove existing

entries or add new ones.

To accomplish this, please perform the following steps:

1. Apply Netweaver UI AddOn 1.0 SP08 or, alternatively, apply the correction instructions of

this note.

2. Copy the class /UI2/CL_ROLE_EXT_CATALOG_PAGES to a page in your package and namespace, e.g.


3. Create a BAdI implementation of the BAdI definition /UI2/BADI_NWBC_RT_EXTENSION, named e.g.


4. Assign the copied class to this BAdI implementation

5. Change the method ZCL_ROLE_EXT_CATALOG_PAGES->GET_CATALOGS. The source code contains some

template code meant to guide you in this task.


We tried implementing ‘/UI2/BADI_NWBC_RT_EXTENSION’ BADI in gateway system as per the instruction
given in the note and kept a breakpoint and launched the Fiori launch page. But
BADI was not triggered.

There is no information on; when and where this BADI
will be called by gateway system.

Can anyone give more information on this Note, BADI, or the Gateway user maintenance process for FIORI?

Is the custom solution the best way to do the user maintenance?

Thank you,


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