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Jun 04, 2014 at 04:11 PM

How many ways Checks can be reprinted, apart from FBZ5 and "Void and reprint" Options


Hello All - Some times, when there is issue with Printer, Checks are not printed. In such a case, Users ask us how to print Checks.

Some options I know are that (1) Checks can be reprinted through T Code - FBZ5 and

(2) if Users are Ok with voiding Checks and use next available Check numbers, We use the option in the Variant - "Void and reprint" Option.

Some Users are not happy with this Solution as they do not want to waste Checks.

I am aware of only these 2 options. Can you please suggest me other alternatives we have to reprint Checks. Your valuable inputs are very helpful to us in this regard.