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Jun 04, 2014 at 03:00 PM

Calling Help with keyword crashes PB app in Citrix


We currently run our PB 12.5 generated application on Citrix. The application crashes (sporadically 7 of 10 times) when ShowHelp function is called with Keyword! passed. The help file (.CHM WebHelp) was generated using Mad Cap Flare version 6. The application works with no issues when NOT running in CITRIX environment. We are running Citrix Xenapp version 6.5.

Before dismissing this issue off as Citrix issue, please note that the following have been tried - An application created in C# calling the same .CHM (help) file with the same keyword works on Citrix without any issues. An older version of our .CHM file generated using Robo Help on Citrix worked fine without any issues. We do not have the luxury to go back to Robo Help.

It only seems to be a combination of CITRIX, PB app AND Mad Cap .CHM file combinations that fail. Since, the Mad Cap generated .CHM works fine on Citrix using C# app, Mad Cap seems to think its a PowerBuilder issue.

When the application crashes there are different OS .DLL's referenced. i.e. JSCRIPT9.DLL, MSWSOCK.DLL, WSHIP6.DLL and others. No pattern or which one will show up.

Before making an $800 call to Citrix and hear the same thing (PowerBuilder issue not ours), would like to know what PB experts think of this issue and if they have any insight?

Or if there is way to call the .CHM file other than ShowHelp?

Thank you all in advance.