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Former Member
Nov 28, 2005 at 02:59 PM

command URL limitation of length.


i am trying to pass parameters to variables in query by URL so that i can have my own customized selection screen.

one MAJOR stumble block is the limit on URL length that can be passed. i am not able to pass more than 10 parameters.

i am trying to allow user to upload a list of values (may be thousand individual values) which has to be selection parameter of my BW query through web.

this is standard in R/3 ABAP reports but not in BW.

i know there is a POST method to send the values which will support the number of values i am looking at.

can some one throw some light on how this can be achieved.

i am also considering using a dummy ABAP report to get selection parameter and later internally pass it to BW report(may need to store it somewhere and use userexit variables to pickup the values).

both the approaches are not the cleanest way to do but i don't know of any other ways.

suggestions welcome!