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Jun 04, 2014 at 09:19 AM

Component Usage not updated within enhancement


Hi everybody,

Something simple (I hope :-) ). I've enhanced a standard WDP component (/SCF/TLB_REPL). This contains an ALV component (SALV_WD_TABLE) and I'd like to add another ALV component for some other data. The problem is that the Component Usage Node within the tree is not updated. So it only contains the interface to the original ALV component (and to some other OVS component, but that is not relevant at the moment). The list is not updated.

I've created another WDP application from scratch, added the components to the relevant locations, and they do appear at the Component Usage Node.

So, is the enhancement responsible for this problem that the Component Usage Node is not updated after the addition of another used component within the application?

Hope you can help!



Image from the enhancement:

Image from local program.