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Jun 04, 2014 at 09:11 AM

System number for sattelite system missing in SLD


Hi Experts,

We have added our sattelite systems in PI 7.1 SLD system.

The SLD is connected to Solution Manager 7.1 system for LMDB, SMSY and other configurations.

We have maintained settings in transactions SLDAPICUST & RZ70 such that their data is pushed via SM37 job periodically.

Now we have found that some Technical systems are missing their System Number (found in SLICENSE) in SLD.

Thus the data is missing in Technical / Product system in LMDB & in SMSY in Solution Manager 7.1.

Can someone please help if there is a profile parameter / some setting to be maintained in the sattelite system so that the system number is captured in SLD.

We have tried deletion & re-creation of Technical systems in SLD, but no luck.

Kindly suggest.

Best Regards,