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Jun 04, 2014 at 07:36 AM

SPAM Transaction does not find the SPDD adjustment transport


Hello All,

we are trying to install a Support Package Stack 14 for our ERP 600
EHP4 System.
We did it first in a Evaluation System, where we created transports
with adjusted objects in for DDIC and Repository.

Now we want to include the transport for DDIC-Adjustment in import
Queue for our development System.

But SPAM does not find the transport. Both of the Systems ( evaluation
and developemnt ) use the same transport directory and included in one
transport domain. But there is not direct Transport route from
Evaluation to Develeopmenbt.
We released the transport in the evaluation System. a dummy System was
used as a target when releasing.
We created umodauto.lst in DIR_TRANS\bin and put there our transport.
umodauto.lst looks like this:

SPDD 701 ZS1K900002

We also checked the transport attributes (SAPCOMPONENT ) and compared
them with the tagret queue. Everything Looks OK.

The same time the Note 68678 says, that the transport inclusion during
SP-Installation still does not work, or we understand the note wrong?

Our questions:
1. if the inclusion of SPDD adjustment transport is supported in SPAM
transaction for the installation of support packages?
2. if yes, what could also be wrong and why the System does not find
the adjustment transport.

Thank you and best regards,Mohit