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Jun 03, 2014 at 01:19 PM

How to stop/deactivate CLC (Credit Limit Check) functionalities for specific country


Dear Experts,

We are working in TM 8.1 which is integrated with ERP system. Currently we do not have any restriction at TM system level to stop processing the order if CLC limit is exceeding. But we are in process of adapting the same with TM 9.1 version.

Now, we are in process of upgrading our ERP system and going pilot live for one country initially. We no more want to process the orders/invoices for which CLC limit is exceeding in the latest ERP system for live country for some time. Therefore our business wanted to deactivate or stop the CLC functionalities for specific country or sales organization within TM system, so that statistical record (Internal order) can not be created in ERP. Thus further processing can not be done in ERP.

Could you please provide some important insights how to achieve the expected?