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Jun 03, 2014 at 12:09 PM

How to remove XML namespace in SOAP request



I would like to change one of our existing interfaces to use a SOAP communication channel rather than File. The file currently contains FIDCCP02 Idocs.

I have created a new communication channel using SOAP 7.1 and generated a Java client. When I send a request to the endpoint from Java, PI returns a SOAP fault.


The error in the monitor is 'No standard agreement found for ..'. I think this is because the file contains XML with a root element with no namespace, but the root element in the SOAP message does have a namespace.

Example requests

File message :

<FIDCCP02 xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:S="">

SOAP message :

<ns2:FIDCCP02 xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:S="">


When I send a test request from RWB with no namespace it is successful.

Attempt to remove namespace

I have tried adding AF_Modules/XMLAnonymizerBean with no parameters as the first module on the SOAP communication channel, but this does not appear to make any difference. I have refreshed the cache.