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Jun 03, 2014 at 09:18 AM

ARQ: Problem while mapping "VALID TO" Access Request Field with HR System's "End Of Contract"???



I have a business requirement where the role validity for a user should be mapped with his contract date in HR system.

For this, I asked HR person to maintain the "End of Contract" date to 31.12.2014 for testing purpose for one of the test users. Of course, HR system is the user data source system.

For mapping this field, I performed below activities:

1. In SPRO->GRC->AC->Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups, I selected SAP_R3_LG Logical Group and selected connector for test HR system where the testing data is maintained. The Action is 4 for that connector (The same connector is maintained as one of the HR systems for user data source).

In "Assign group field mapping" I added new entry like this:

AC Field Name : VALIDTO

System Fld Name : Empty (not sure about this field what to enter)

Table Name : P0019 (This table I got from HR team)

Subtype : Empty

The date is not reflected in the Access Request page. Am I missing anything?

Please advise.