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Jun 03, 2014 at 08:44 AM

Single file custom logging for portal service in 7.31


Hello Experts,

I have a portal service.
The service writes sensitive data to the DB and therefore I need tracing mechanism.

Until now I've used a custom txt file but now I want to use the SAP J2EE logging infrastructure (for performance, identifying user sessions etc...)

Since the severity of the messages will be set to 'info' I don't want to write the log entries to 'defaultTrace.trc', I want to write it to a custom file.

I'm aware of 'ForceSingleTraceFile' parameter but where can I set the logging properties? (in older portals I could use logger.xml in my portal component project and set a custom log file but as far as I understand 'logger.xml' is not supported anymore and its parameters are ignored).

Where can I find the documentation for setting logging properties for portal service in 7.31?

J2EE/Portal version is 7.31 SP7.