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Former Member
Jun 03, 2014 at 04:37 AM

Picking transfer order without SU number for SU managed storage type


Dear Experts,

We have a requirement to release picking TO without having to determine the SU numbers that needs to be picked up from the bin.

Scenario: Sales Order is created --> Delivery is created --> Picking TO is released --> The Batch determination happens at TO create level and TO has selected to pick a particular batch from an open storage type. Now this open storage type has mixing allowed and there are many pallets stacked in various positions. The transfer order should not pre-determine the SU numbers during TO create but allow the user flexibility to pull out any pallet of that batch and later update the SU number during TO confirmation.

The reason for this requirement is the storage type is a open storage with many pallets one behind the other of the same batch. during picking user needs flexibility of picking up any pallet/SU and update the SU number during TO confirm.

Can you let us know if anyone has worked on this scenario and achieved the required functionality? How can we achieve this.

Best Regards,