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SAP ABAP certificate revoke

On 23rd December 2013 I joined SAP ABAP training at Atos india pvt. ltd., Mumbai and completed my training on 24th January 2014 under guidance of Mr. Harsha. after completion of my training I prepare for my certification exam and on 7th February 2014 I had given my exam and passed with 90%.

On 18th march 2014 after 40 days of certification exam I got mail from SAP AG

‘Dear Mr. Mehta,

We are sorry to inform you that, due to exam irregularities,  we are forced to withhold your certification for the exam you took on Feb 7, 2014 at ATOS Mumbai. We are however happy to be able to give you the opportunity to retake the exam free of charge. Please contact our colleagues at SAP Education India to obtain a scheduled date for your retake opportunity.

We wish you every success with your retake.

Best regards,

Sue Martin

Senior Director - Global Certification


I was shock after reading this mail, two of the batch-mates have not been issued re-examination who scored below 85%. We contacted SAP (India) personals via email and call but we have not been provided with any info as in why this action is been taken and they force us for re-examination after 2 months of certification exam without any server access by just remembering 4 ABAP books.

On 10th April 2014 I re-appeared for the exam and they played with us by setting up the test which is usually has to set for the SAP Experience professionals but not for the fresher’s like us. only 1 lady passed that exam with just 1% above passing marks who has working experience in industry and rest all other 17 students are failed in re-exam.

Also then 3 students who were failed with us were provided certificates even though they were failed in 2nd attempt with us.

The reason stated to us was exam irregularities which is still (after 6 months ) not been explained to us.

Also as per SAP India, when I asked to them about the scenario they just reply that its our bad luck. So does SAP Certification is calculated on luck basis.

If it was not the test takers mistake then how can SAP AG or SAP India blame us and to add to it they have takes 6 months and still we have no Certificates in hand. My whole career is at stakes.

Now again I am being forced to give exam, I am full of confidence that I can crack the exam as per my preparation but I am lacking trust.

Also I am unable to understand why the people who scored below 85% which were my batch mates were issued the certificates. Is scoring high above 85% is crime in SAP.

With no proper reason for 6 months, i am totally frustrated. The next batch after me from my center also scored above 90% so why were they not put to re-test. For us the 2nd attempt was like a professional level paper in which some questions were out from the books that were provided to me.

I still request SAP to release my Certificate, as they have released three of the batch mates from my center even though they failed as Ms Susan Martin herself confessed that the 2nd attempt paper was tough and totally practical based with 6 months of long time and they were favoured so why not me ?

I am getting company offers but I am just short of my certificate thus i have the necessary skills need for the Certificate and I deserve it as I have already cleared my exam.

Also SAP India says that every decision is taken by SAP AG. So I also request SAP India to take a stand and release my Certificate as we had already had a conversation several times.

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1 Answer

  • Jun 08, 2014 at 12:13 PM
    Respected Sir/Ma'am,

              Today I completed six months after joining SAP course on 9th December 2013 last year. I gave my exam on 7th February 2014 which was the extended 2 weeks date from scheduled date so that I can prepare better for such a huge investment career.

              I gave my exam on 7th February 2014 and my hard work paid me and I cleared my exam in first attempt itself. In 6th week when I was expecting my certificate in hand I received a mail stating that I had to reappear my exam as there were irregularities in exam. I and my batch mates were shocked and thought that somebody is playing a joke with us. I called SAP India Education Head in Bangalore and she said that its a direct decision from Germany AG team in Germany. I just asked her to explain meaning of exam irregularities but she just replied us that even she doesn't know anything about this.

    Not satisfied with her answer we communicated with SAP Mumbai business Head he also was unable to explain the exact cause of re-exam. me and my batch mates had decided not to give re-exam in any case as it was not a case of cheating from our side and it was just exam irregularity which was not our concern.

              But SAP India asked us to give the exam saying that its not test takers fault and definitely the exam will be cracked by us. Also they told us that same level exam will be conducted. Suddenly we got the exam date 20 days before the exam date which was on 10th April 2014. We left everything (searching jobs , giving interview, etc.) aside and again we started preparing for our exam though passing in 1st attempt keeping in mind that it may just be the same level test as it was not test takers fault.

              On 10th April 2014 our exam was scheduled which was Thursday (instead the exam takes place on Fridays only), 16 students failed and only 1 passed (the test takers were actually a group of three batches with 17 candidates) with just 61% just one percent above the passing marks and also she was a professional from esteemed company. We were totally confused and deep sorrow. Since from 10th April 2014 till date today we are not clear with what exact forensics SAP AG team is forcing us to give the exam again. It is crystal clear that though there is not any mistake of test taker we are being forced to give the exam again.

               In second attempt exam though everybody failed 3 students who were actually failed were declared passed stating that the exam was tough and completely practical based. The only difference between me and those students was the difference of just 2 correct answers but we bolt were actually failed. They were favored then why not us ?

               I am from a middle class family. I have paid 3.70 lac on loan basis and again paying 30 k for the next attempt is tough job for my family. I really want to know is there any other course where somebody is failed or treated guilty only on the basis that he/she scores high percentage.

               I am very confident that I have the required skills and still sure that I will crack the any test but I am lacking trust.

               I still want SAP to take all the conditions under consideration and release our certificate as I really deserve it because i have worked hard for it. I have received an offer letter for SAP ABAP Consultant post in one of esteemed company in India and this proves that definitely I have the required skills to work on a live system.

               Providing us the certificate which we already deserve for our 1st attempt will definitely release pressure on our minds.



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    • Former Member

      Respected Sir/Madam ,

           After such a long duration SAP has ordered us to re-appear for the exam 3rd time . They are just not trying to understand the pressure on us .

      Currently i am working as an ABAPer and i am really not in a position to afford the exam fees again know . How can SAP force us to give the exam again and again by not knowing the reason behind this issue . Also no proper communication has taken place between us .

      Moreover in our 2nd attempt the level of exam was very high, no doubt i cannot comment on the exam pattern of SAP but if the level of exam is increased to a new candidate he or she will never or cannot comment on the exam level of ABAP module for lecture training . But we have already cleared the test in the first attempt , only because i scored 86% which is above 85 % is forced to take the re-exam . Also my batch mate who scored 84% in same exam his certificate was released. To add more to this issue , why were candidates who scored 55% in second attempt were declared passed through passing marks for the test was 60% and for the others who scored 54%  were failed.

      How does SAP decides this clause any time without informing the candidates and that to even after giving the test ?

      So i am really confused and short of some trust on SAP as now again it is forcing me to re-appear for test and ordering us to pay the examination fees again.

      I really  need a proper guidance from from SAP which is totally lacking and no proper communication as when asked anything to SAP-INDIA or our training partner Atos they just point their finger towards SAP-Germany , so we are just diverted here and there now.


      Harshit Nayak.