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May 30, 2014 at 05:53 PM

How do I modify invoice request xml file by adding posting date?



We import customer invoice requests via xml files from an external data source. Currently the standard SAP xml file does not include the posting date, and invoices enter SAP with a blank posting date. When the invoice is released, the posting date is taken from the invoice date.

Due to our month end processes, we have hundreds of invoice requests every month where we do not want posting date to equal the invoice date, and for each of those invoices the posting date is manually entered one invoice at a time during the release process. This is very time consuming.

We would like to build functionality in our external system to create the posting date at the xml file generation stage. Could anyone let us know the following:

- what is the name of the posting date field on invoice requests (invoice documents)?

- where would we place the additional script in the xml file?

I'm attaching one of our current xml files (which already contains one section that has been customized)

Your suggestions would be appreciated.