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May 30, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Table/View Generation from PDM PD 16.5 SP03 PL01


I have a question regarding table/view generation from PDM.

We are using Teradata 14.

I have one PDM with one table named XYZ.

I want to generate this table into Teradata from PowerDesigner directly. This is easy and I know how do it.

What I am looking for is if we can generate two different views as well named XYZ_BV and XYZ_AV from this table into the database. I don't want to create a view from the table into PowerDesigner which I know, but I want to generate from PowerDesigner table into the database directly. I am trying to keep only one table(XYZ) in PoweDesigner and create as many views off this table directly into the database. Is it possible?

Table: XYZ -----> 1 on 1 view XYZ_BV (Exact Replica of the table XYZ).

Table XYZ: ------> Remove a couple of columns from XYZ and it becomes XYZ_AV view.(It's not an exact replica of the table XYZ)

Note: All three (Table XYZ, View XYZ_BV, View XYZ_AV) will be generated into three different databases, so they don't belong to one single database as well.

Please let me know what I am thinking is possible or not?