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May 30, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Cfolder in two envelope rfx


Dear SAP SRM Guru's,

I want to ask about cfolder in two envelope process, i configured cfolder base on sap help, and what i read in SCN

The process that i understand are:

1. Purchaser with role SAP_CFX_USER and SAP_CFX_COMP_CREATOR, create RFX, automatically a in cfolder system will create a folder called a technical details in collaborative scenario,

- My question are : can we automatically change the name of the folder? or we have to change it manually?

2. after the rfx publish, the bidder with role SAP_CFX_USER will create the technical rfx response, the cfolder system will automaticallly create a folder in the technical detail folder created by the purchaser, the folder will be name based on username bidder, maybe the structure will be like below

-Technical Details

-- Technical_bid

--- Supplier2

---- Tech_bid

My problem for this process are :

- when i log on using the bidder user, i cannot see the technical details folder, so after that i log on using adminstrator, and gave authorization to the bidder user in Technical Details, after that i can see the technical detail folder, is it the correct way to use the cfolder? so i have to gave authorization manually to the bidder?

- may next problem is when i have two bidder, the bidder can see other bidder folder, is it the behaviour or there something i miss?

can someone help me?