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May 30, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Cumalated Totals


Hi experts im hoping you can help.

We have a requirement to load users from a database and then plot how many
there are in a chart. I have done all the logic etc in my cube.

So the initial load in June will load say 100 users and then subsequent
monthly loads will only pick up new users or remove deleted users.

What my problem is how to plot this in bex for a year and then the
subsequent year. I know cumulative totals will work for the current year so
will go left to right and add Jun to July etc.

My problem is how do I get it to hold that total when we roll into 2015 as
the there is nothing for it to cumulate against

So in bex

Jun 100

July 2 new users

Cumulated totals will show 102

We then don't have any new users till Jan next year when we say have 5 more
new users

In bex on the 2015 report this only ever show the 5 and starts the
cumulating total all over again