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Nov 27, 2005 at 12:57 AM

Connection to MDM server fails from java code


Hi folks,

I have gone thru the webex and pdfs for MDM java apis.

My app is very simple for now:

connect to MDM server on the same box where the

j2ee engine is running and portal too.

1. The following api passes, good news...

>>>> connectionFactory =

(IConnectionFactory)ctx.lookup("deployedAdapters/MDM Factory/shareable/MDM Factory");

2. This api also passes, more good news...

>>>>>>> spec = connectionFactory.getConnectionSpec();

3. These APIs are trouble-makers.....not good news...


spec.setPropertyValue("UserName", "Admin");

spec.setPropertyValue("Password", "");

spec.setPropertyValue("Server", server);

spec.setPropertyValue("Port", port);

spec.setPropertyValue("RepositoryLanguage", "English [US]");

//Get the Connection

connection = connectionFactory.getConnectionEx(spec);


MDM console shows "TestMDMrepos" is loaded and running

on my box.

In the code above: server and port are variables.

Variable server is assigned to my box.

Variable port is 2000 for "TestMDMrepos" repsository.

MDM client connects successfully to "TestMDMrepos"

with Admin userid and blank password.

For server variable, I have tried 3 things:

actual box name, locahost, TestMDMrepos.

None of these are working.