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Nov 26, 2005 at 07:40 PM

Display only positive values for a particular Keyfigure



(Sorry, I accidentally posted this also in Datawarehousing forum, actually it related to BeX forum).

For a particular column(keyfigure) in my report, the user wants to display only positive values.

I used the formula from the one of the forums

(Keyfig > 0)* Keyfig.

This displays only positive values in the column as required. But, the result for this column is also affected. As the result is negative, it shows, zero in the result for this column.

Is there a way in which the result will not be affected by the formula?

I went into the properties of the particular keyfigure and chose Calculate Result as -> Summation.

It throws out the following error message

'Calculating result as...' was not executed

Message no. BRAIN141


The function 'Calculate Results as ...' could not be used in all


The recalculation of a result cell always occurs based on the set of

detailed cells subordinated to this cell. This is the most detailed

level of the drilldown. Therefore it is not posible to recalculate in

hierarchical lists. The calculation of a results cell is not performed

if a cell or column with an expand symbol is assigned beneath it.

Otherwise the newly calculated result is changed every time one of its

lower-level nodes is expanded. This is not supported for technical

reasons and would also only confuse users.

Note, however, that calculating with "Suppress Results" is always

executed because the restriction described above does not apply in this



The query shows the keyfigure values for a selected title, for profit center and territory hierarchies.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.