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May 30, 2014 at 09:28 AM

Support Message Form: What does it look like from SAP's perspective?


Hello folks,

can anyone describe me or put a screenshot here to show me how the Support Message form looks like from the perspective of SAP? I don't want to blow what I'm looking for yet, but I'm really curious to see whether particular communication problems are based on some... confusing matters or whether SAP is taking the p*** out of me.

For example, the Form looks like this from my perspective (everything loosely translated from German, might not be verbatim):

- Section "Message Administration", showing facts about the message and the affected system

- Section "Impact on Business", describing what problem are brought about

- Section "Detailed Problem Description"

- Section "Communication"

- Section "SAP Notes"

- Section "Contactees and Messages"

- Section "Attachments"

Cheers, Lukas