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May 30, 2014 at 09:09 AM

Building Fiori like App with Launchpad


Hey guys,

I wanna build a Fiori like App with the Launchpad. So I have the launchpad and different apps, which I can start from this launchpad. What is the best-practice to build this app, I am talking about how to structure the code.

Let me start with the launchpad:

To build the launchpad I can use the Control TileContainer sap.m Explored.

Lets continue with the single apps:

I would wrap every single app in a component, as it is described in the Developer Guide "Application Best Practices".

I am no sure how can I start the single Apps from the launchpad (I need to change the components (apps) dynamically)?

And what about the Launchpad. Should I implement it as a Component as well and have a HTML-View with a component container where I am changing the components every time?

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks and regards