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May 30, 2014 at 06:25 AM

MSS Leave approval template WDJ / WDA



MSS Add on 1.0.

When I register the UWL I am getting the warning check the below screenshot.

In our client the MSS 1.51 (WDJ) and ESS (WDA) based BP already live in some of the countries.

Without disturbing the existing set up (it is already live in 3 countries) we have planned to roll out for countries based on MSS Add on
1.0 (EHP 6) on SAP Portal for further new countries.

Alias name used for MSS 1.51 - SAP_R3_HumanResources

Alias name used for MSS Add on 1.0 – SAP_ECC_HumanResources

As per the below note from SAP, I need to apply correction if I am going with template based on WDA based leave approval.

SAP Note :1773641 ESS LEA: Web Dynpro ABAP based Leave Request use in UWL

For WDA template approval (WS21500001)

I have two options.

  1. I can use existing WDJ leave template for the roll out countries (for leave approval app)
  2. Or I can configure WDA based template for new roll out countries. Apply correction based on 1773641. In this case my Portal UWL should
    support both WDJ and WDA.

Also share your suggestions about the warning message from above Portal UWL Screenshot.

Note: we don’t have any plan to change the existing set up for the live countries. We already maintained all the above alias R3_HumanResources,ERP_HumanResources, and ECC_HumanResources in the Portal for the ECC HR system under system Admin.)

What is the best possible option in this case?




UWL issue.png (30.0 kB)