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May 30, 2014 at 01:32 AM

scrap should not backflush



I maintain component scrap % for a material.

When they run MRP and the scrap % will be included in MRP for that component.

They create a production order and when confirming the order in the goods movement they want scrap not to be included.


for production of 1 X we need 100 A components with scrap % maintained as 2%

When MRP is run for 1 X then components are planned as 102 A.(this is OK)

When the production order is created and when it is getting confirmed the system will show the component A consumption for 261 movement type as 102 A quantity, which includes scrap % also.

Requirement is when the order is being confirmed the goods movement proposal while backflushing should not include scrap %. instead of 102 it should propose only 100.

Please help