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May 29, 2014 at 11:51 PM

Stock is increased and FI entry is posted in statistical GR for third party



I was trying to activate the functionalty for statistical GR in third party but STUCK due to following issues. For enabling this functionaltity I have checked "Goods Reciept" and "GR Non-Valuated" check in "Delivery tab" of PO.

1. After creating Statistical GR through MIGO (101), stock has been posted in plant. I was expecting no movement in Stock .

2. I was hoping there should not be in FI posting but FI entry is posted through statistical GR .

We are using third party process from many years but without statistical GR. Requirement from client is to post statistical GR without FI entry and no stock should be updated. Please advise if anyone has idea on this.

FYI--We have item category TAS and schedule line category CS in customisation. Also advise if above two settings in PO are enought to turn ON the statistical GR functionality.

Thanks for your help.