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May 29, 2014 at 03:17 PM

Installing/configuring the InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager system


I am looking at the InfoSphere Optim..... to install. I have not used this tool before and am skeptical. Since the Control Center is deprecated it looks like this is the replacement. Is this tool an additional cost to license or is it available to customers who have advanced enterprise editions?

Can this be run on a standard Windows PC or I should ask will it run well? I would install this onto my work PC and use it for my production (EHP & Netweaver BW) systems. Is there a quick setup guide or does this need to be installed via SAP install?

Lastly, what is the ramp up time that it will take to obtain performance recommendations out of the tool?

Thanks to all.

Len Jesse.

Knowledge is to be shared.