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May 29, 2014 at 05:17 AM

A problem when testing WebService


Hi expert:

I am doing some work about web services,I met a problem, can anybody help me? Here is my work:

<1>according the reference document(Maintain sales quotes),i copy the XML code

Here is the source code:


The following request would create a Customer Quote with the following information:

  • Customer Quote with ID returned in response,
  • Buyer ID as PSM CRM ABSL Test - Example_01,
  • Posting date as 2006-03-28T12:00:00.1234567Z,
  • Customer Quote name as PSM CRM ABSL Test - CallCustomerQuoteExample1,
  • Item ID as 10,
  • Item date as 2006-03-28T12:00:00.1234567Z,
  • Item product as MCF-0001,
  • Buyer party as MC9785.


<n0:CustomerQuoteBundleMaintainRequest_sync xmlns:n0=""> <CustomerQuote> <BuyerID>PSM CRM ABSL Test - Example_01</BuyerID> <DateTime>2006-03-28T12:00:00.1234567Z</DateTime> <Name languageCode="EN">PSM CRM ABSL Test - CallzCustomerQuoteExample1</Name> <Item> <ItemProduct> <ProductInternalID>MCF-0001</ProductInternalID> <UnitOfMeasure>EA</UnitOfMeasure> </ItemProduct> <ItemScheduleLine> <Quantity unitCode="EA">6</Quantity> </ItemScheduleLine> </Item> <AccountParty> <PartyID>MC9785</PartyID> </AccountParty> </CustomerQuote> </n0:CustomerQuoteBundleMaintainRequest_sync> 

Response would contain the result of the above operation.

In case of successful execution, the response would contain the Customer Quote ID and UUID.

The following is the response for successful execution of the above request.


<nm:CustomerQuoteBundleMaintainConfirmation_sync xmlns:nm="" xmlns:prx=""> <CustomerQuote> <ChangeStateID>20121211062856.7192640</ChangeStateID> <UUID>00163e02-86fa-1ed2-90eb-8122c5b94ae3</UUID> <ID>611</ID> </CustomerQuote> </nm:CustomerQuoteBundleMaintainConfirmation_sync> 

In case of failed execution, the response would contain error message(s).

<2>according my system i changed some attribute Here is my code: My user is Administrator

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:glob="">






<Name languageCode="EN">New Order</Name>







<Quantity unitCode="EA">6</Quantity>







<3>.My test result arrive with an error message:Authorization role missing for service!

What does "Authorization role missing for service" mean? Can anybody help me?

Thank you!


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