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May 29, 2014 at 05:31 AM

How to map the same Payment Method to 2 diff House Bank (should not be 1 and 2)


Hello Friends - Good Morning. I need your help with regards to maintaining Ranking order in FBZP.

We have got Payment Method - I (for Foreign payments) and 2 House Bank accounts for EUR, USD.

If we have transactions in EUR and need to pay, EUR account should be picked. and the same way, USD account should be picked up for USD transactions from FBZP.

When I have got only one Payment Method, How can I maintain the Ranking order?

I can not maintain Ranking order 1 for EUR and 2 for USD as we need to use both of them based on the Currency in transactions.


CoCd House Bank Payment Method Name 1729 ANZE (EUR) I Foreign Payments 1729 ANZU (USD) I Foreign Payments