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May 29, 2014 at 04:17 AM

Filtering of Data through Combo Box with chart drill down Option.


Hey Guys,

I need to ask one thing about combo box filtering option, i want to filter my data like country, agent, customer and in the end material. I have achieved this through filter component but the thing which bother me is that if i select the specific customer in filter option it directly give's input to other filter's which i don't want. So the alternate is combo box but the thing which is creating problem is that if i filter my data through combo box it doesn't give any option for the chart filtering. For more convenience i am attaching my spreadsheet data which i want to filter. please help me in this matter.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Hassan Ali.

Sample Is Below::

Country Customer Material Austria David Mat 1 Austria Simon Mat 2 China XYI jo Mat 2 China CHU pa Mat 4 India Suresh Mat 1 India Ramesh Mat 5 Sales Quantity Export Sales 300.000 FT2 1,631,020.77 PKR 600.000 FT2 3,108,107.67 PKR 600.000 FT2 11,917,131.08 PKR 200.000 FT2 8,679,817.14 PKR 760.000 FT2 8,059,453.23 PKR 790.000 FT2 1,727,072.16 PKR