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Former Member
May 28, 2014 at 07:39 PM

List Tile View not working with include rule on iOS?


hi Expert,

I used the List Tile View with include rule in Agentry 6.0 on WinCE before to generate "selected" object list upon different conditions, e.g., assigning tasks based on scenarios.

Currently, I am experimenting the same function on iOS tablet.

On the start screen which is a detailed screen for main object, there is a List Tile View and an include rule. However, the objects in the tile list are not updated correctly when the output of the rule changes. Note that the same include rule works perfectly with a List View for the same collection.

To my observation, the problem seems to associated with "update" of the tiles when result of include rule changes. For example, in scenario 1, there are 5 objects in the list; switching to scenario 2, there are 10 objects. From the No.6 to No.10, the objects are correct. The No.1 to No.5 are still the original 5 objects for scenario 1.

When the user clicks on tiles, it makes the situation worse. Normally, a single object's tile will always be shown in the selected tile regardless which tile is selected from the list.

My development environment is 6.0.40 and the client is 6.0.40 on iPad (iOS 7.1). I would like to know whether this is a known issue before I provide more details.