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May 28, 2014 at 04:05 PM

Transport orders not visible


In SE10 it seems that i cannot see all transport orders, even if i put ' * ' in the name of the user. They are named like 'D81K900268'

I wonder, why transport orders that i can see in the modification browser (SE95) an which are named like 'S81K900573' or 'P81K900035' are not visible in SE10 (yes i checked all the checkboxes for all kinds of transport orders and checked the released and the unreleased. Why cant i see them all in SE10

A further question would be:

I checked transaction STMS

There i can find most of the the transport orders from the modification browser - but not all

I found out that one transport order that i could not find was included into some other transport order that was called 'collective transport order'

Somebody knows how to search for transport orders, that are included in some other?