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May 28, 2014 at 02:55 PM

question about tempdb and cache


I have a scenario like:

1. RAMDISK setup on Linux as 2G

2. two files created on this ramdisk for tempdb data and log. data is 1.5G, log is 0.5G

physical device 1.5G created on data file

physical device 0.5G created on log file

3. 2 named caches created for tempdb data and log with same size.say tempdb data cache is 1.5G, tempdb log cache is 0.5G

I have a operation need to generate 3G data with very bad performance.

I want to this operation can be done in tempdb before written to disk for performance. So I will create a table in tempdb and generate all data in this table. When it's done, write to disk with one insert sql statement.

I have enough memory 3G available. then how to use this 3G for this case?

Increase tempdb data cache and tempdb log cache to 3G? if so, any IO before the data written to disk from table in tempdb?

what's the best solution for this case for performance?