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May 28, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Crystal Report: failed to read parameter object


Hello -

I have a report that consists of numerous static parms and one dynamic parm. I can save the report to my desktop but cannot save it to BO 3.1 CMC Personal Folder (or any folder for that matter).

The dynamic parm does not use a LOV based on Business Views. A table associated with the same data source as the stored proc on which the Report itself is based provides two fields - a code field that is used in the Value and a name field which is used in the Description.

The specific error is:

"Failed to read data from report file <file name> Reason: failed to read parameter object".

All the normal things have been checked -

- VERIFied the database

- Ensured 'No Printer' is checked

- Ran the report (successfully) on the desktop (locally)

The data source is Oracle. The report can be saved to the CMC and run without problem if the dynamic parameter is deleted from the report.

The version of Crystal Reports is CR 2008 vers 12.04

I've seen numerous postings regarding LOVs and Business Views, especially surrounding security issues, but I've yet to see a note about a dynamic parameter based on a table....