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May 28, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Afaria 7.0 iOS Devices Bulk Import


Starting with Afaria 7, the iOS Device Bulk Import functionality was dropped from Afaria 7 product, Unlike to Afaria 6.6, prior to iOS device enrollment, there is no possibility to define a new iOS device or insert a list of corporate/personal devices into MDM Database from the web console and then send Email/Sms notification containing Url enrollment to this user list.

The solution described in this document overcomes the limitation of afaria 7 on importing iOS devices from a text file. The installation package consists of two modules:

1 - Server Module: a windows service component developed in C # using Afaria API to consume Bulk text files and insert users devices.

2 - Web Module: This is a web page developed in ASP.NET which allows administrators to upload files to a specific directory and view the log files. (this module is optional and will not be discussed in this document)