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May 28, 2014 at 10:41 AM

Currency difference in PCA reports


Dear All,

I am facing an issue in PCA report. When I run t code: S_ALR_87013326 for a particular profit center values are showing in the PrCt currency ie. SAR. Later, if I want to check the company code currency (e.e. EGP) by selecting currency translation and select EGP as currency and choose "default for drill down report. Here the value is showing as below:

Later, come back and check for actual line items, the value is showing different as below:

What I have observed is, I have checked the currency settings. Till 20.05.2014, currency translations was 1 SAR to 1.86 EGP. From 23.05.2014, we have changed the exchange rate as 1 SAR = 1.90 EGP. Today, I checked the profit center report for March 2014, it is converting the local currency (EGP) value with today's currency exchange rate i.e. 1.90. Actually it should be calculated based on 1.86.

How to achieve the above scenario?

Br, Srinivas Salpala


PCA 1.png (25.4 kB)
PCA 2.png (23.1 kB)