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May 28, 2014 at 09:55 AM

Screen not able to change after upgrade


Hi All,

We are doing the conflict resolution for an upgrade from FSAPPL 300 SP13 to SP19 , As part of this activity we added two custom fields to a standard view and regenerated the TMG associated with the View . After regeneration alignment of the screen elements were lost and we reverted the version back to the SP19 version ( both in view and TMG screen) and screen elements become aligned .

Now if we are trying to modify( change) the screen getting a message 'No Authorization to change' and the screen is in modified/Active status.

( we have all the required authorization to our user and only this particular screen facing the issue)

In SPAU the function group corresponding to this screen is coming as question mark (Unknown adjustment mode)

Can anybody help here .


Ratheesh BS