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May 28, 2014 at 08:50 AM

LSMW change tax classification customer only with Direct Input


Hi there,

I created an LSMW for the change of tax classification of a customer with Direct input.

Program RFBIDE00

Object 0050

Method 0000

The LSMW works fine and changes the wanted tax classifications of a specific country. Only one thing is bothering me and that is if I run the program in the foreground then almost all views of changing a customer like general data and sales are data is marked. It runs through all fields, but changes nothing, except the wanted tax classification. Since I only need the billing view of the sales are data I wonder is there a setting option to unmark General data and also unmark the sales, shipping and partner functions of the sales are data.

Since I only pass the tax fields ALAND, TATYP and TAXKD and the key values of the customer other fields won't change, but I think if I skip unnescessary views/TABs that performance will be better. I have to update approx 1.000.000 customers.

Regards Kees